TMo Travel Mobile Presets (3 Free Presets)

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My Lightroom Mobile Presets are here!!

After hundreds of messages I am proud to release my TMo Travel Mobile Presets Pack.

Within this pack there are 3 custom made presets to add tone and colour to your images.

-Beach Day

-Desat Greens

-Desat Blues & Orange

Getting the presets onto your phone is quick and easy, once downloaded there will be a document there to guide you through each step to get you started!

There are multiple ways that these presets can be used and it is down to you to decide how far you want to take them. Each preset has been designed so that you can click it and with that single click transform your image into something new. However, as I’m sure you know, lighting conditions change wherever you go, which means most of the time you will have to do some basic LR Mobile adjustments to achieve the final look you are hoping for.

Adjustments using Exposure, Contrast and White Balance can usually do the trick, however also utilising the other features within LR Mobile can offer even more flexibility to help adjust each preset to fit the lighting in each of your photos.

These Presets are designed to work with Lightroom Mobile (Android + IOS).